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If you adore travelling at your own pace and seeing exactly the places you would love to instead of sticking to a prearranged itinerary or you enjoy authentic local experiences instead of stock-standard sightseeing, than travel-made holiday is what you are looking for.

Tailor-made means custom-made; made-to-order; customized; bespoke.

Tailor-Made Holidays are ideal for travelers with variety of interests and preferences. This type of itineraries is mainly for tourists seeking something more individual than packaged holidays. To choose a holiday which is 100% tailored to your individual requirements, is nice, isn't it? It's time to bring your dream holiday to life with an itinerary that's created specifically for you.

Depi team is here to create your perfect holiday offering local advice and organizing all kinds of services you need. Let us plan an itinerary that suits your interests, your style and your pace with a mix of amazing experiences. Indeed, we are specialized in planning bespoke holidays and can advise you how to get the most out of your visit for your budget.

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· Would you like us to organize meals for you (lunch, dinner)?

· What type of accommodation do you like (from luxury hotels to camping)

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