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Type of tour: Guided

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Distance: 515 km / 320 mls

Average trekking per day: 10.5 km / 6.5 mls

Activity level: Moderate

Maximum height: 4090m

Activities: Adventure; Trekking; Cultural; Camping

Group size: 2 -15 pax
Accommodation: Hotels; Tent
Best period: June - September

Start/End point: Yerevan, Armenia

Trip Highlights:
  • Climb Ara Mountain
  • Climb the highest Mountain in Armenia - Aragats
  • Lake Sevan - the largest lake in Armenia and the Caucasus region
  • Sevanavank Monastery on the peninsula
  • Climb Artanish Mountain
  • Dilijan Resort Town
  • Haghartsin Monastery
  • Climb Abeghakar Peak
DAY 1: Departure/Arrival

Depart from home country and start a journey to the Republic of Armenia. Arrive at the airport. Meet and greet, transfer to the accommodation.

Meals: (--/--/--)

Overnight: Yerevan

Transfer: Airport/Hotel

DAY 2: Yerevan – Mount Ara – Byurakan

Start a tour with a drive to Mount Ara named after the handsome early Armenian god/hero/king killed and brought back to life under mythological circumstances involving Queen Shamiram (Semiramis). A variety of sub-alpine and alpine flora, lush grassy meadows, steep rocky ravines and spectacular panoramic views also make it an ideal hiking and rock climbing destination. Visit the Monastery of Tsaghkevank or Virgin Varvara is carved straight into the rock at the centre of the crater. Descending from the mountain and drive to Byurakan village.

Meals: (B/L/--)

Overnight: Byurakan village

Driving distance: 75 km / 47 mls

Trekking Route: Mount Ara

Trekking: 11 km / 5-6 hrs

Elevation: Mount Ara 2577 m / Tsakhkevank 2070 m / Byurakan 1491 m

DAY 3: Byurakan – Lake Kari – Northern Aragats

Drive to the high-mountainous, cold, freshwater lake known as Kari Lake (Stone Lake) located in the slopes of Mount Aragats. Get ready for hiking to the northern summit of the highest mountain of Armenia. Mt. Aragats with its unique nature has sub-alpine and alpine zones as well as four peaks and one of the biggest craters in the world, created by a volcano eruption in the distant past. There is no lake inside the crater. Set up the tents in the crater. Camping.

Meals: (B/L/D)

Overnight: Camping

Driving distance: 35 km / 21.7 mls

Trekking Route: Lake Kari – Northern Aragats – The crater

Trekking: 13 km

Elevation: Lake Kari 3220m / Northern Aragats 4090m

DAY 4: Western Aragats – Southern Aragats – Yerevan

The last day of this trekking trip starts in overwhelming surrounding of Aragats Mountain. Start climbing the Western summit and continue to the top of Southern peak. Start descending from the mountain and transfer to Yerevan. Evening is free in the capital.

Meals: (B/L/--)

Overnight: Yerevan

Driving distance: 75 km / 47 mls

Trekking Route: Crater – Western Aragats – Southern Aragats – Lake Kari

Trekking: 10.5 km

Elevation: Western Aragats 3995m / Southern Aragats 3880m

DAY 5: Yerevan – Lake Sevan – Artanish Mountain – Dillijan

Drive towards Sevan Lake the largest lake in Armenia and the Caucasus region. It is also one of the largest fresh-water high-altitude lakes in Eurasia. Transfer to Artanish peninsula. Start hiking to Artanish Mountain where we will see the whole beauty of the lake and the Geghama Mountains around it. Its summit is the only place from which we can see the whole Lake Sevan. Visit Sevanavank 9th c. (Sevan monastery) located in the peninsula which used to be an island before. Climbing up the 220 stairs towards the monastery and following a grassy path you will find peaceful and wonderful scenery to the lake. Passing Sevan-Dilijan tunnel we appear in the surrounding of the fabulous forested resort town of Dilijan.

Meals: (B/L/--)

Overnight: Dilijan

Distance: 190 km / 118 mls

Hiking route: Artansih Mountain

Hiking: 7 km / 3 hrs / ↑560m / ↓560

Elevation: Lake Sevan 1900m / Artanish Mountain 2460m

DAY 6: Dilijan – Haghartsin Village – Abeghakar Peak – Yerevan

This day starts with a visit to Haghartsin monastery (10-14th cc.) nestled in a temperate rainforest on a mountainside. Drive to the village at the same name and admire the spectacular scenery of the village. Start hiking through a grassy and ground trail towards Abeghakar Peak where opens up a picturesque sceneries of Aghstev River valley and some villages. This route considered to be difficult. Drive back to Yerevan.

Meals: (B/L/--)

Overnight: Yerevan

Driving distance: 140 km / 87 mls

Trekking route: Haghartsin village – Abeghakar Peak – Haghartsin village

Trekking: 11 km / 4 hrs

Elevation: Haghartsin village 1010m / Haghartsin Monastery 1430m / Abeghakar Peak 1550m

DAY 7: Departure

Transfer to the airport. Have a safe flight home.

Meals: (--/--/--)

Transfer: Hotel-Airport


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