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Armenians are one of the oldest nations in the world. Their history goes back to thousands of years ago; they are the contemporaries of such powerful nations as the Babylonians and the Hittite. Today both Babylonians and Hittites are just a history while Armenians are writing and creating theirs.                                                                                                                        

Armenian people have come a long way. They are an ethnic group native to Armenian Highlands. It is probably impossible to accurately pinpoint the predominant ethnic make-up of the people. The "pure" Armenian is considered Aryan in features with blonde hair and blue eyes, though nowadays one would be hard-pressed to find more than a small percentage with these pure features within the population.                                                                                     

Leaving behind the curtain the fact that some sources provide evidence of the first people in Armenia due to the early Paleolithic era, the first pre-Armenian tribes (Urartians, Hourrites, Luvians etc.) which inhabited Armenian uplands, were mentioned in the chronicles of the 4th – 3rd millennia BC.                                                                                                                             

Of the approximately 3 million people who live in Armenia, over 95% are ethnic Armenians. In addition, Russians, Yezidis, Kurds, Greeks, and Assyrians are among the minorities who call Armenia home. The bustling and rapidly developing capital, Yerevan is home to slightly over a million people.                                                                                                                

Overall, the population of Armenians worldwide is estimated to be 10 million, many comprising Diaspora communities living outside modern Armenia. The largest Armenian populations today exist in Russia, the US, France, Georgia, Iran, Germany, Ukraine, Lebanon, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Poland, Brazil and Syria. 40,000 to 70,000 Armenians still live in Turkey (mostly in and around Istanbul). With the exceptions of Iran and the former Soviet states, the present-day Armenian diaspora was formed mainly as a result of the Armenian Genocide.

Armenians call themselves “Hay”, pronounced Hye, and their homeland “Hayastan.”. The word has traditionally been linked to the name of the legendary founder of the Armenian nation, Haik, which is also a popular Armenian name.                                                             

Armenian people in various periods have acquired different characteristic features, yet one thing that’s peculiar to every Armenian no matter in what age they lived is the love for their motherland and their Christian faith. It’s that love and their faith that have kept them united.    

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