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Armenia is a relatively conservative, traditional society and definitely a male-dominated one. People dress here in a whole range of styles and fashions. You can see women wearing miniskirts, jeans, even shorts. Middle-aged women tend to dress more conservatively and more formally than younger women. The capital -Yerevan is among the most liberal cities in Caucasus. You can go out on any given day of the week and see everyone dressed very well (European well). Skinny jeans or short dresses with high heels are normal, even for just walking around in the evenings. In general the dress code mainly depends on two different aspects: the weather and appropriateness.                  

There is no strict special dress code in Armenia when visiting churches. There are some common rules posted in every church (for example women should enter the church with head covered by scarf especially during holy mess, they cannot enter church in strapless dress). However, it is advisable to dress appropriate while in a church.                                                                                           

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