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Armenia is often described as a sunny country. The climate is highland continental, dry with four seasons. Temperatures can vary considerably between seasons. Summers are dry and sunny, lasting from June to middle of September. The temperature varies between 22°C and 36°C (72 and 97°F), though in the Ararat valley temperatures can climb to 40°C. Evening breezes blowing down the mountains provide a welcome refreshing and cooling effect. Springs are short, while falls are long. Autumns are known for their vibrant and colorful foliage. Winters can be quite cold with plenty of snow, with temperatures ranging between -15°C and -5°C (14°F and 23°F), and colder in the Ararat Valley (-30°C) and the Lake Arpi area (-46°C). Winter sports enthusiasts enjoy skiing down the hills of Tsakhkadzor, located thirty minutes outside Yerevan. Lake Sevan nestled up in the Armenian highlands, is the second largest lake in the world relative to its altitude, 1,900m (6,234ft) above sea level. The mountain peaks are covered with perennial snow, while their slopes are lined by alpine meadows.                                                  

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