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Among the soft drinks Armenian mineral water is known for its healing specialty and is recommended by doctors. This spring water is originating from the depth of earth and flowing from ancient mountains.                                        One of the favorite drinks among Armenians is tahn which is the combination of water, salt and matsun. Later is a popular fermented milk product among the Armenians, produced in Armenia mainly from sheep milk. Matsun is a product highly respected by the Armenians; it is beneficial for health and slaking thirst well. Tahn can be ether still or carbonated.                                                           
Armenian coffee is sometimes referred as Turkish. It is strong black coffee, finely ground, sometimes sweet.                                                                             
The unique herbal ingredients came from high mountains and wild forests by the help of well-trained harvesters and made your delicious final cup of tea. For over 7000 years, the tradition of gathering and blending wild herbs and flowers has been an integral part of the daily lives of the Armenian people. The chosen teas are an integral part of a tasty and healthful diet in the ancient Armenian and represents Armenian food beverage culture. Alcoholic: The alcoholic drink with the longest history in Armenia is wine. One of the oldest wineries in the world was discovered in Armenia. Many wines are made with Armenian grape varietals not being grown anywhere else in the world.                                           
The reputation of the Armenian brandy is spread around the world: it is loved and known in Europe, America and many other countries. Visitors are welcomed to fully absorb the flavor of the Armenian brandy and enjoy its unique aroma directly at the factory.                                                                                            
Oghi is an Armenian alcoholic beverage usually distilled from fruit. Traditional Armenian oghi made from distilling the mulberry, which is grown all over Armenia, especially in the highlands and Artsakh.                                                 
Armenian produced beer is considered to be one of the favorite drinks of Armenian men. The preparation of beer in Armenia was known from ancient times.

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